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Choose configuration for opening.

Navigating the Options

Starting with Configure, move
left-to-right through different elements to easily design your door. Different options will be available based on the selections you make in other tabs. Do not use your browser navigation buttons or you may lose your work while designing your door.

Narrowing down your selections

By default, your selections will apply to the door only, but if your selected configuration includes a sidelite, you may choose to modify it separately by making your selection here.

Saving your door design

When you're satisfied with the look of your door, you can click Save This Design and name your door design. You will be able to apply your saved designs to pictures of homes if you choose to.

Privacy Rating

Each glass has a privacy value attached to it. You can reference this scale to compare them.

Choosing Glass

By default, your selections will apply to all available glass (door, sidelites, transom) but if you want to choose glass specifically for one or the other, you may choose to modify them separately by making your selection here.


Caming is the metal banding that joins individual pieces of glass together to form a decorative glass lite. Certain glass designs may be available with more than one caming option. The first one in the list will be applied by default, but you can click on other options here if they are available.









Photo Upload & Cropping


For best results, photos should be:
No larger than 16MB in file size
High quality and focus
An unobstructed, well centered view of the area of interest.






Crop the image to bring your door into focus.

Crop the image to bring your door into focus.

Cropping your image

To display your door in an optimal way, we require you to crop your image. To define what will show around your door design, place the crop box around the focal point of your photo, then click CONTINUE.

Aligning the corners

Align the corners of the box with the corners of your door opening to define the area your door design will occupy. Make sure to consider transom and/or sidelites if you have included them in your design.


Project Desktop







Project Controls

Click EDIT DESIGN to modify the door configuration. Click CHANGE BACKGROUND to replace the image you�re viewing your door on.

Compare Designs

Select all the door designs you would like to compare and click COMPARE SELECTED to view the comparison page.



Delete Designs

Select all the door designs you would like to delete and click DELETE SELECTED to remove them from your list. Be careful! This cannot be undone!

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You will lose any unsaved changes



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Please fill out the form below to help us assist you in the best way possible


Northeast Building Products
4280 Aramingo Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19124-500
Phone: 215.535.7110
Fax: 215.288.9880



NBP VIEW lets you create a PROJECT for your door opening,
for which you can create one or several DESIGNS.

To begin a new DESIGN for your PROJECT, select DESIGN YOUR DOOR.

To open an already saved PROJECT, select OPEN A SAVED PROJECT.

In order to save any PROJECTS, you must first CREATE AN ACCOUNT

so that you can access these in the future.


This will allow you to build your PROJECTS, save them, and then show them
to your door professional when you are ready to order. Be sure to give each
project a different name so that you can refer back to them in the future.

You can save multiple DESIGNS.


When you have developed a DESIGN you want to save, select SAVE THIS DESIGN.


VIEW ON A HOME allows you to upload your own photo or choose from our gallery.


SHARE/PRINT allows you to upload to social media, share with a friend via email,
or print your projects for future reference.



To save any PROJECTS you will be working on, you must first CREATE AN ACCOUNT.


To proceed without the ability to save, select BUILD WITHOUT LOGIN.
PROJECTS that are not saved will be lost forever.



When choosing a configuration, it is best to choose something similar to what you have now. Sizes and availability vary and not every configuration can fit into every existing opening. For example, if you have a single door now, choosing double doors may not be ideal to fit into an existing opening, unless you plan on building a new larger opening to accommodate.


All designs are presented as viewed from the outside, looking at your home.



All surfaces are similar in both security and energy efficiency. This is more
of a cosmetic choice. We offer 3 door surfaces to choose from:


Textured Fiberglass has a texture in the finish that is similar to an OAK grain
with natural stile and rail design. This choice offers high definition panels and
simulates a real wood look. If you are looking for a stained wood grain look,
choose Textured Fiberglass. This is the only surface that can be stained.


Smooth Fiberglass offers high definition panels with a smooth finish
that can be painted any color. This is more limited in size offering.


Smooth Steel offers 22 gauge hardened steel that can be painted any color.
This choice has the most versatility in both style and size.


Not all surfaces are available in all styles. Choose your surface � if style previews
appear faded out, that means they are not available in the surface chosen (NA).



When choosing a glass style it is important to be aware of color and Privacy Ratings.


Decorative glass is available in most styles. All decorative glass that has CAMING
is triple insulated glass. The unit consists of two safety tempered pieces of glass encasing
the interior core consisting of decorative pieces of textured glass along with CAMING,
all insulated into one sealed unit.


The CAMING is used to attach the individual pieces of glass together within the sealed
insulated glass. Caming is available in several colors, but not all glass choices are available in all caming colors.


Most people will match the CAMING choice to their hardware choice. For example,
choose Platinum caming and Satin Nickel hardware to complement.

Privacy Ratings can be deceiving. Levels begin at 4 (clear with some obscure decorative
pieces) to a level 9 (most obscure where all of the pieces making up the decorative panel
have some obscurity to them). Level 7 and higher provides the best obscurity.


Iron is made up of two safety tempered pieces of glass with a wrought iron design
insulated between the glass unit. The inside glass is obscure hammered.


Liquid Crystal is made up of two safety tempered pieces of glass, the outer piece
being the decorative one. Liquid crystal has no color in the glass, but tends to reflect
light and color around it providing a beautiful piece of glass.

Classic glass styles are all safety tempered insulated glass offered in
Clear, Low E, internal mini blinds, external grill and internal grill choices.


Internal mini blinds offer the ability to raise and lower and tilt. They eliminate the need
for a window covering over the door. When closed they offer a privacy level 9.


Choose External grill to have the grill color match the door.


Internal grills are available in white only. For example, if you choose a blue door
with internal grills, the door will be blue and the internal grill in the glass will be white.




Any Smooth surface (Steel or Fiberglass) door style chosen can be painted.
You can choose one color for the inside and a different color for the outside.
Or all one color in and out. Textured Fiberglass can be stained or painted.
You can choose one color stain or paint color for the inside and a different
color stain or paint for the outside. Any glass trim or glass frame will be painted/stained
the same color as the door. Colors shown are not exact and are only shown
for the purposes of building your door to get an idea of what your project will
look like. Consult your professional for actual color and stain samples when ordering.
Custom Paint color option is also available at time of order.


NBP VIEW will only show outside view.



You can choose a different frame color for your door opening if you desire,
or simply match the door colors inside and out. All exterior trim (brickmold)
provided will be matched to the exterior frame color chosen.



Hardware is offered in four finishes. Some hardware is not available in all four finishes.
If you see hardware, then choose a finish and that appears faded out, it means that
this hardware style is not available in the finish chosen.

We offer Kwikset Signature Series brand hardware. This is the highest level
of Kwikset hardware available and offers a Lifetime Warranty.

All doors come with an entry knob and single cylinder deadbolt in finish chosen. All of our
Kwikset hardware offers SmartKey capability, allowing you to rekey your locks without
the need for a locksmith. You can also rekey your new locks to your existing Kwikset key.


Smart Code hardware offers keyless entry via a push button combination.

This allows keyless access, offers the ability to program two different codes up to eight digits,
and has an Auto Lock setting for peace of mind. The Smart Code hardware is available in
a deadbolt which can be used in conjunction with any decorative handleset or a simple
knob or lever. It is also available in a lever entry function in situations where a
deadbolt is not needed.

Decorative Handlesets come with a single cylinder deadbolt standard and a passage
function thumb latch handle at the bottom. The MONTARA style offers a unique 2-point
lock system consisting of a single cylinder deadbolt and an entry function locking bottom
thumb latch handle.

Accessory hardware can be put on most doors. Kickplates are available in both
magnetic (steel doors only) and screw fastened. Mailslots are available in both
traditional and magazine slot size. These can be put either at the bottom
or in the middle, depending on door style pattern.



This allows you to upload your own photo, choose a home from our gallery,
or simply choose a background to surround your project, enabling you
to best envision how your project will look.



Click and drag the edges as directed to best fit your configuration chosen
into the photo. Keep in mind, if you�ve chosen a photo that does not have
a similar configuration, it may appear distorted and sized improperly.



Choose a photo from your computer to upload. Then use our cropping tool to create a clear and prominent view of your door.



Your PROJECT DESKTOP lets you review and compare DESIGNS
you have generated for any PROJECT you have saved.


Select to view all PROJECTS. A PROJECT is
an opening for a home for which you have one or several door DESIGNS.


Be sure to save your project. If you do not create an account,
your project will not be saved. Projects that are not saved will be lost forever.


Start again and create a new project. Be sure to save
your current project before clicking or it will not show again.


This will allow you to create a new project by simply changing
door style, glass style, colors, etc. It will redirect you back to the build section.


This will allow you to keep your door project and view it
against different backgrounds or on different homes.


You can print your projects and designs for future reference or to take
to your professional when ready to order.


Select after checking the boxes of any saved designs
you would like to compare.


Delete by checking the boxes of any designs you no longer
want to save. Once deleted, they will be gone forever.

CONFIGURATION: xxxxxxxxxxxx
STYLE/SKIN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
GLASS: xxxxxxxxxxxx
COLOR: xxxxxxxxxx
HARDWARE: xxxxxxxx
CONFIGURATION: xxxxxxxxxxxx
STYLE/SKIN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
GLASS: xxxxxxxxxxxx
COLOR: xxxxxxxxxx
HARDWARE: xxxxxxxx

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Saving & Printing

Use the buttons below to:

  • Print your design
  • Save your design
  • Save your paint palette

Share your Design

Share your design on social media or email it to yourself or a friend

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Draw Tools

There are 2 drawing tools available to you.

The Draw Line tool will allow you to create unique shapes, this is useful for scenes that have many details.

The Draw Rectangle tool allows you to create a rectangle, and then adjust the points as needed to match your perspective.

Erase Tools

There are 2 erase tools available to you . They work the same as their 'Draw Tool' counterparts, but allow you to erase mistakes, or can be used to remove scene details such as photo frames or plants from your masking layer.


You can use the Zoom buttons below to increase or decrease your image preview while masking. Alternatively, you can use your mousewheel to control zoom.


Did you know, when holding down the spacebar, you can click and drag the masking area to 'pan' around your image while zoomed in.

Move the Masking Toolbar

Sometimes the masking toolbar can be in the way. Simply click and hold the 'Move' arrows , to drag the bar to a more convenient position.

Layer Selection

This area shows a list of your layers, as well as displays which layer is currently selected. If you have a large number of layers, use the arrows to scroll through the horizontal list.

Add a new Layer

Click the green button to add a new layer. You will be asked to select a type of layer. These layer types will be referenced when applying product later on.

Edit layer type

Click the yellow button to modify the type of the currently selected layer.

Remove layer

Click the red button to delete the currently selected layer.

Step 2

When you have finished masking your design using the draw and erase tools, click on Step 2 to adjust the opacity of your masking layers.


The Brightness control allows you to control the opacity of your layers. Use the Preview button to see the changes. When you are happy with your layers, click the Finish button to begin applying product.

That's It!

You are all done masking. Return to steps 1 or 2 if you would like to make adjustments. Otherwise click 'Start Designing' to begin applying product.